Welcome to the ToDo list of
jftpgw FTP proxy 0.13.5
Last update: Sat Jun 5 22:00:21 CEST 2004
Joachim Wieland
What I am planning to do (The items are not sorted in any way)
  • Clean up the code
  • Modularize the whole thing (done in 0.14.x)
  • Check FTP commands (done in 0.14.x)
  • Specify which commands to pass through to the server and which not (done in 0.14.x)
  • Write more documentation :-) (any hints what is missing?)
  • Add more ways of authorization (done in 0.14.x)
  • Include support to dynamically look up values in the configuration file (databases/LDAP/...). Any hints?
  • Make upstream transfers cacheable
  • add the logic to purge the cache into jftpgw itself (right now this done by a python script that is called periodically)
  • Add the possibility to fetch the files through a squid http proxy server (done in 0.14.x)
  • Think about virus scanning
  • Add single port transfers and communication between two jftpgw instances (done in 0.14.x)
  • Learn about ftp-ssl
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