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Joachim Wieland
Which systems is jftpgw developped on?
I develop jftpgw on a Linux GNU Debian "sarge" system with Kernel 2.4.x and the versions of glibc/gcc/... that are up to date in "sarge".
The systems I can test jftpgw on
I'm sorry but I can test jftpgw only on two other systems, these are SuSE Linux and SunOS 5.6 (Solaris 2.6).
The systems other people compiled jftpgw on
  • Other Linux distributions
  • FreeBSD (see the FreeBSD section on the download page)
  • OpenBSD (Intel as well as Mac 68k)
  • NetBSD
  • HP-UX 11 (not with the bundled HP-UX compiler but with gcc or the commercial (cc -Ae) compiler)
  • DEC OSF1 Alpha
  • Solaris 5.7
  • Linux on an S/390
  • AIX 3 4
  • SGI Irix 6.5.20 (use n32 binary format)
  • OS/2 (see Link: jftpgw for OS/2)
  • Windows NT

If jftpgw does not compile on one of the listed platforms, this is probably because recent changes that were done after the last tests. Please tell me about such problems.

I would greatly appreciate test accounts on different machines in order to test jftpgw there. If you managed to compile jftpgw on a system I have not listed here, please tell me about it.

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