In the past, I've had problems to store all my mp3 data in a file or something equal, which can easily be exchanged with my friends in order to let them know which mp3s I've got. Text files can be grepped very fast but the possibilities are quite limited and it's not very easy to find special groups or albums. A database was the ideal solution to store the id3tag in. I'm running a mysql-server on the web, so my friends can quickly connect and query. But how to query? With difficult SQL phrases? No, there is a much easier way, here you can do that through a simple web interface. In the search form, you can put the request, click the "Submit" button and delight yourself at the output of all matching information :-)

Download & Screenshots

The latest release is Version 0.2, you can download it here.
To have a look at the web interface you can go here (Screenshot #1) and/or here (Screenshot #2)


storemp3 supports the following features:


To run this program in full featured mode, you will need the following programs:


First make sure the required software is installed (at least the perl modules) and the mysql server is running.


Example: You want to store a whole cd full of mp3s in your database.

The Installation was successful, now put your CD in the cdrom drive and type storemp3 /cdrom "my_first_mp3cdrom".


Bugs ... perhaps, perhaps not, when you find one please email me. When you managed to fit it, send the patch :-)
Please report suggestions and bugs to

Joachim Wieland
Sebastian Gunreben

Have fun with storemp3,

Sebastian Gunreben, Jan 14th, 2000
updated: Joachim Wieland, Jun 14th, 2000